Ways to Persuade a Senior Parent to Accept Help

When aging adults begin to decline physically or cognitively, accomplishing day-to-day tasks becomes a challenge. Adult children are usually the first to notice these changes, but senior parents might refuse additional help. However, convincing your senior loved one to accept extra help from a caregiver in Pennsylvania will promote their health and safety.

As a provider of elder care in Pennsylvania, we will share strategies to persuade your aging parent to accept additional help during the golden years:

  • Start the conversation at the right time.
    Choose a good time and place to discuss the possibility of arranging home care. Ideally, it should be a time when your loved one is relaxed and open to the idea. Emphasize the benefits of receiving help to avoid arguments that lead to more resistance.
  • Focus on the advantages of receiving help.
    You can persuade your elderly parent to agree to home care if you focus on the advantages of receiving help. For instance, a caregiver can help your parent with mobility assistance to promote independence. You can also talk about other home care services they can benefit from, such as assistance with ADLs, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and more.
  • Involve your loved one in decision-making.
    When arranging home care services, involve your loved one in the decision-making process as much as possible. This provides a sense of control to reduce resistance. It also helps to meet the caregiver beforehand to provide an opportunity for your loved one to ask questions and voice concerns.

Fox Chase Wellness Center is your go-to, dependable provider of high-value, compassionate home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When it’s time to arrange home care for your loved one, contact us to discuss their needs.

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