Ways to Help Seniors Manage Their Medications

One of the most challenging tasks for older adults and their caregivers is managing medications. It is often a complex process as medications and quantities change. In addition to using technology and smart devices, there are ways caregivers can help seniors manage their medications better.

As a provider of elder care in Pennsylvania, we will share medication management tips for aging adults:

  • Presort pills into dispensers.
    For seniors taking multiple medications, there are containers like pillboxes that are organized by the days of the week. Pillboxes and other types of dispensers make medication management easier as they keep medications in one place and contain labels. The labels can serve as reminders and make it easier to track if the senior has already taken their medication for the day.
  • Set daily reminders.
    Neglecting to take prescribed medication affects how the body functions. In addition to companionship, caregivers can help seniors with medication adherence by providing reminders. They can also set an alarm reminder on the senior’s phone or watch to help seniors remember to take their medicines at the same time every day.
  • Schedule regular doctor appointments.
    Seniors’ healthcare needs are constantly evolving. It’s possible that your loved one’s symptoms have changed and they may need their medication’s dosage reduced or increased. Regular doctor appointments will address any health issues and keep their medication list updated.

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