Tips to Promote Good Personal Hygiene in Seniors

For many of our elderly loved ones, everyday tasks become more challenging with age. Maintaining good personal hygiene can be especially challenging due to low energy and lack of mobility. A fear of falling, isolation, and medication side effects can also demotivate seniors to keep up with their personal care needs.

As a home health care agency in Pennsylvania, we will share tips to promote good personal hygiene in older adults:

  • Determine the underlying issues.
    Determine the root cause of poor hygiene. Seniors often develop poor hygiene due to mobility issues and being unable to physically perform their hygiene routines. By identifying the issues, you can start to discuss potential solutions to help them stay healthy and clean.
  • Increase bathroom safety.
    Another concern for seniors is bathroom safety. The bathroom can be an unsafe space with factors like slippery flooring and hard surfaces increasing the chances of falls. You can increase bathroom safety by adding safety features like grab bars and using devices like shower benches, handheld shower heads, and non-slip mats.
  • Establish a hygiene routine.
    A hygiene routine can help your loved one get into the rhythm of doing specific activities like brushing their teeth and showering. A provider of home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can help build a hygiene routine by keeping the water at a comfortable temperature and helping seniors pick out their clothes.

Are you in need of a reliable home health aide in Pennsylvania? If so, we at Fox Chase Wellness Center can help. Our well-trained care providers are available to provide comprehensive home care. Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries.

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