Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Home Care

Today, your elderly parent or loved one may be living independently. However, there will come a time when they need additional help from a home care provider. When the time comes, home care is an excellent option that offers numerous benefits. Knowing the signs to look out for can make it easier to determine the right time to arrange additional help.

Likewise, here are the signs that your senior loved one needs home care:

  • Increased forgetfulness and wandering.
    Your loved one may be starting to decline when there is an increase in memory loss. Memory loss and wandering often go hand in hand and are common in older adults. This may indicate a greater medical issue like dementia. An HHA in Pennsylvania can help prevent wandering and increase safety.
  • Changes in personal hygiene.
    As we age, many of us struggle with personal hygiene. Factors like mobility problems and low energy can make it challenging for seniors to look after their hygiene needs. This can lead to infections and health problems. An in-home caregiver can offer ADL assistance to make these tasks easier.
  • An unkempt home.
    Next time you check on your senior loved one, take a moment to observe their home. If you spot dirty dishes, expired food, and similar potential hazards, it may be time to arrange help from a caregiver in Pennsylvania. This could be a sign your loved one is struggling with their day-to-day needs due to mobility issues or other health problems you might be unaware of.

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