Ensuring a Secure Environment for Seniors at Home

When it comes to providing home care for seniors, creating a safe environment is essential for their well-being and independence. 

Our home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania implements thoughtful measures so caregivers can establish a secure haven that promotes comfort and peace of mind. Here are the most common suggestions.

  • Home modifications – consider removing tripping hazards like loose rugs and clutter. Install handrails and grab bars in critical areas. Ensure proper lighting throughout the house while atrusted caregiver in Pennsylvania can help provide mobility assistance. Arrange furniture to allow for clear pathways and ease of movement. Installing a personal emergency response system can provide immediate assistance when needed.
  • Fall prevention – Install non-slip mats in bathrooms and showers. Use raised toilet seats and shower chairs for added stability. Encourage the use of mobility aids such as canes or walkers. Regularly check with the senior or choose our companionship offer for continuous assistance or supervision. 
  • Medication management – organize and label medications in a clear and accessible manner. Your HHA in Pennsylvania can help create a medication schedule and reminder system. Properly dispose of expired medications. Keep a record of prescribed medications and their dosages. Consult with a pharmacist or healthcare professional for guidance if needed.

At Fox Chase Wellness Center, we continue educating our clients and caregivers. Learn more effective home care tips in this article.

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