Learning How to Cope with a Disability

Learning How to Cope with a Disability

A disability can be a difficult thing to overcome. Depending on the kind of disability you have sustained, it can have many different impacts on your everyday life. Through our rehabilitation services in Pennsylvania, we aim to provide you with the convenient and personalized support you need to overcome your disabilities for a more independent and normal life.

Fox Chase Wellness Center is an adult wellness center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that is committed to providing you with the support you need to recover from injury or to cope with a disability. We understand that sustaining a disability can no doubt flip your life upside down and present many challenges that you never had to face before. Take comfort that we are here to help you these services such as:

  • Physical Therapy: One way we can help you get back on your feet is by providing physical therapy. Through these services, we are dedicated to assisting you back towards a normal life. These services are geared towards improving your physical health and your range of motion. This is an important first step towards living a better life.
  • Occupational Therapy: Another form of therapy that we provide is occupational therapy. This therapy is effective for disabilities and in learning how to cope with them. Whether you have lost the use of a limb, become paralyzed, or have other difficulties, we can help train you in the skills you need to get through the day. This therapeutic service can truly help improve your quality of life.
  • Speech Therapy: Through the use of our speech therapy services, we can help improve many aspects of your health, in regards to your mouth. This can include improving your ability in breathing, your ability to swallow, and we can also help you with any kinds of speech impediments that you have.

A disability should not limit you from living the life you want. With our non-medical home care in Pennsylvania, we can help you live a more comfortable and independent life.

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